Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rosalie Maggie.. 8 Months Old

I still can't get over the fact that my lil peanut is already 8 months old.. Time for our monthly recap.

Weight: 21 lbs 8 oz! A TWO pound jump from last month
Height: 29 inches long
Diaper Size: Still a 3
Clothes Size: Almost into 12-18 months. Some 6-12 months are gettin too small but 12s are still a tad bit big.

Words: Dada, Mama, Hey Dad
She is quite the talker and spitter, but those are the only words coming out right now. Mostly everything is "Hey Dad!" I only get Mama when she's crying.

Teeth: Still just two! I don't think she's going to get anymore! lol! She's going to have 2 teeth the rest of her life. Haha ... in all reality, her bottom gums are starting to get a lil white so when one pops through, the rest are quickly to follow!

She's finally eating solid foods again.. but still on sleep strike.

This Saturday she'll visit her 4th country.. Croatia.

She is pulling herself up to everything now and her little legs are strong. She gets the concept to take a step to if she needs to pull herself closer to something. She's going to be walking in no time.. I wish she wouldn't though! lol! She's so curious now just crawling, wait til she starts walking!

We usually spend a couple of days out of the week in her pool... she's such a lil water baby.. she loves being in the pool!

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