Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How'd she get this big?

It's been a pretty eventful week for us at the Hollis house and it's only Wednesday. Roey has 2 new teeth.. we let her feed herself the other night with a spoon and it was successful! As soon as I gave her the spoon she scooped up mashed potatoes and began chowing away. Granted, she wore a lot of the potatoes, but a lot also made it to her mouth! She is so smart it's crazy.

Even though those 2 teeth came through.. we still aren't getting a break at night. Rosalie just wants to eat and eat and eat. Let's do a run through of our day.. Rosalie gets up and has a heaping bowl of cereal. After breakfast, she gets a bath and gets dressed for the day. After her bath she eats at least 4 oz and takes a nap. A bottle follows her nap.. then an hour later lunch. She usually has a mid afternoon snack and by snack I mean a whole thing of baby food. In between lunch and snack time, she usually has a bottle or two. After her snack, she sometimes has another bottle... supper soon follows. After supper.. Rosalie baths (i know again.. but she loves her tubbies so she gets 2 a day).. and she'll either play for a bit, or go straight for 6 oz of baba and crash. Every 3 hours she is getting up and eating 4-6 oz. Every time. I can't seem to get her full. This is one major growth spurt we are going through right now. She was eating at least 9 bottles during the day.. I know, like 45+ oz of formula! We started trying to substitute it because seriously, who can afford that! lol We started giving her even more solids.. it just blows me away how much she is eating right now.. coming from the little girl that had to go see the pediatrician because she was refusing to eat anything! I stop and think about how much of a fight it was to get her to eat.. she'd scream the whole time in her high chair.. then all of the sudden it's like we can't give her enough! She even gets snacks all through out the day.. gerber cheezies, biter cookies, yogurt melts, and puffs. I can't wait til she turns 9 months to weigh her and see how much she gained this month. She was averaging about a pound to a pound and a half a month... I bet she goes way over that! The outfit that she is wearing right now is 12-18 months!

On another note, our baby gate finally came! We've had a lot of mail problems lately and luckily the gate wasn't one of them.. it came within a few days! It's installed and is soo nice! It's metal and has a spring loaded door.. I'm going to eventually order another one for upstairs, but it's not a necessity right now because rosalie doesn't play upstairs..well she does, but she plays in her crib. She loves the baby gate... she constantly stands by it, pulling on the bars and squealing.. all I can think about is Step Brothers "THIS HOUSE IS A PRISON!!" hahahahah. It's a dream baby gate.. I couldn't get any place to ship it... and sure enough Walmart did! ANDDD it was only .97 cent shipping!

I have been on this hair bow craze right now.. it's like an addiction. I can't stop buying them. I have found the CUTESTTTTT little boutique.. Miss Khloe's Bows.. Click on the link to check out her facebook page. Her work is awesome. Rosalie's bow holder is actually stuffed full.. I'm going to have to order another one. I love that her hair is getting long on top that I can actually put it in a bow instead of her wearing headbands (cause frankly she doesn't keep them on!) She has a bow in her hair every single day! :)

Oh and a Mandee note. I've been going stir crazy. As most people know, I'm an obsessive compulsive neat freak. Everything has to be organized and perfect. I can't help it.. it's a problem I have. Once a week I thoroughly clean out our fridge.. throw away anything that's expired, anything that's going to expire before we can use it, and wipe it out. Well, the other day this odor started. It was bad. I assumed first it was from the steaks that I had marinating over night, but I couldn't understand why I would be able to smell it because they were in lock and lock and they seal tight. A day after they steaks were gone, I could still smell it. I then assumed it was the broccoli in the crisper, so I threw it out. The smell stayed. I then threw out a thing of tomatoes and a container of watermelon. I thought for sure the watermelon was the culprit. Hours later, the odor was even stronger. At this point, there was nothing fresh left in our fridge, EXCEPT for an onion that I had cut up in a little lock and lock. (I cut up an onion at the beginning of the week that way all week when I'm cooking I don't have to worry about cutting an onion, I can just take some out of the lock and lock).. apparently the onion went terribly bad. MINUTES after removing it from the fridge, it was odor free. lol. I put a thing of baking soda in the fridge to make it fresh. Boy do I feel relieved.

Well I have really rambled today. Ciao.

My bestfriend and I :) I just love her so much!

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