Monday, July 26, 2010

Keeping Busy!

As I said before, my mom arrives in Italia in less than a month. I'm so excited I could explode.. not only because I miss her.. but I know it's killing her to see Roey (she's changed so much since we saw my family 3 months ago).. and I know how excited she is to see Italy.. it's always been a dream of hers. We finally have our agenda laid out.. it took a crap ton of work, researching, and flipping back and forth between train schedules.. but I have it figured out.. so I'll share :)
Tues 17 Mom leaves from PA
Weds 18 She arrives in Italy
Thurs 19 We're going to take her to the local things.. Polcenigo, Barcis, ect. and we're going to go the Spaghetti House for supper
Fri 20 Venice
Sat 21 Head to Camp Darby.. check in.. Catch the train up to Florence.. spending the night at Darby
Sun 22 Pisa then heading home
Mon 23 Down day
Tues 24 Verona
Weds 25 Lignano Beach
Thurs 26 She heads back home
I know it's a little over a week.. but the time will fly by sooo fast :(

So it seems as though time is just dragging til she gets here.. so I've been trying to keep busy. Friday, housing came to fix our bathroom cabinet.. it's been broke since we've moved in, but it's the bathroom that we don't use so we've been putting it off. After housing left, Rosalie and I picked Kevin up from work then went and got groceries. I hate getting groceries. The commissary is always a zoo.

Saturday morning Kevin needed a haircut.. so we all headed to base... then we came home and I cleaned my house.. and by cleaned.. I mean I vacuumed downstairs and dusted and wiped the kitchen down.. Just a quicky. Then our friends Meghan and Derek came over.. the boys had a good time playing wii.. they are so competitive it's sickening. I made awesome strombolis.. as always :) hahah... Roey had a WEIRD night. First she passed out in her high chair while I cooked dinner. It was a weird time for her to sleep. She woke up crying and crying.. she was miserable. She then had an explosive poop.. which told me her teeth musta been bothering her.. After that she was fine.. then her and I walked out to the kitchen and she just started puking everywhere. Ugh it was terrible. Then she was fine.. she sputtered around the livingroom and played with Audrey. She finally went to sleep at like 9.. but she was up most of the night.. she just kept waking up crying for Mom.

Sunday, I was exhausted. Thankfully, when Roey got up for the day, Kevin got up with her... and I got a few hours of sleep. It felt amazing. We spent Sunday doing odds and ends that we've been putting off.. I made a new arrangement to be hung upstairs and Kevin got it hung up... I just have to order pictures for the frames. Kevin got the grass cut while I cleaned up the kitchen. I then painted over any little marks on our walls. I know what you're thinking, painting over marks? Our paint here is weird. The walls mark up sooo easy, but if you try to wipe it off the paint comes off too. I got the entire downstairs done... then I touched up any scratches and dings in the molding,, which looked like total crap when we moved in. The corners were completely chipped up.. but some Old English Scratch Remover made them less noticeable. Our molding def looks 100 times better. We were planning on going to the Papa Roach USO Show on base that evening.. we figured it would be outside so Kevin brought his muffs home for Roey.. Well we got the base, it was raining, they had it inside, so we said screw it and left. We went to the BX.. Kevin got some new Under Armour.. Roey got some new toys.. and we went home. We spent the evening all 3 of us playing.. so much better than a concert :)

Today I've gotten a good bit accomplished.. but not as much as I wanted. My downstairs is clean (although with all the toys scattered you'd never know).. I have a mountain of laundry and I've conquered a good bit of it.. I got my ironing done.. dumped some weed killer outside (i couldn't get my sprayer to work and got frustrated so I just started dumping the solution everywhere)... I swept the back sidewalk... I need to clean upstairs, but can't bring myself to do it. Housing is coming tomorrow and I don't want to waste my time and scrub my floors and housing just track all through the house. Especially since I hand scrub my floors, I would just get mad by the time they left. I hate when people wear shoes in the house.. it's not how I was brought up.. shoes are for OUTSIDE.

I need to at least weed out some of Roey's clothes.. I have such a hard time taking stuff she's outgrown and putting it in the bins I have.. I just hate to face the fact that she's getting bigger.

Since I've rambled entirely too much.. yet again.. here's a few pics :)

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