Monday, January 31, 2011

You won't be hearing from us.

I figured I'd make a quick note to let everyone know you probably won't hear much from us this week. Rosalie and I have an extremely hectic and busy week. I have to meet with a new potential dog sitter (ugh long story).. run errands; ie post office, groceries, pick up prescriptions, and appointments out the wazoo.

As we speak, I'm making cookies to send to my love in the desert for Valentines Day. As some of you know, we do not celebrate Valentine's Day. We truly believe it to be a hallmark holiday. lol. We haven't celebrated it since 2007 when we got engaged. How many guys would love to have a wife that doesn't demand flowers, jewelry, or candy for Valentines Day! BUTTTT.. I figured since Kevin is so far away.. that it would nice for him to receive a lil taste of home.

Well the countdown is on to our trip to PA.. 25 Days! WOOT!


  1. Ahhh, someone else who doesn't celebrate Valentines Day. My husband and I are right there with you, it's a Halmark holiday that forces you to tell your loved one how much you love them by buying extravagent gifts, and only doing it one day a year. We think it should be done every day (showing your love not gifts haha).

  2. AWESOME! When we first started dating we celebrated it.. but once we got engaged, that was the last year that we did. Honestly, we don't do gifts for our anniversary either because it's 2 days after Christmas. Our big holidays that we got all out on and buy extravagant gifts for is Mothers Day and Fathers Day! lol!

  3. You're anniversary is 27 Dec too??? So is ours, wow, small world, lol.

  4. Awe thats nice! We don't celebrate it either! Its silly and I'd rather be surprised randomly during the year rather than expect things this day!

    Hopefully your countdown goes by fast!

  5. WOW ANGELA! That is crazy! We originally set our date for the 13th of Dec and had everything ordered and booked. Kevin's recruiter said he'd be done with BMT and Tech School by then. Well turns out he wasn't.. so we had to rebook everything and lost some things and deposits.. had to reorder napkins, invitations, anything with a date on it and planned for the wedding to be when he came home for christmas exodus. It was such a nightmare lol