Thursday, January 6, 2011

keeping busy

I know I've been really slacking lately on updating. I've just been terribly busy.

I started the New Year off right and got right back on my diet. It's now Thursday I have done great. I've even taken a few pounds of water weight off that I put back on during the holidays. I've exercised every day except Tuesday because we were gone most of the day. I've already finished my book for the month and started another. I finished Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. It was most excellent. It started off kind of slow, but then I couldn't put it down. It was crazy that the main character's hometown was Altoona. What was even funnier was how amazing she described Altoona. I guess if you get past the fear of having a heroin needle thrown at your eye as you go through downtown, maybe it is amazing. haha. I am now on Marked, from the House of Night Series. I had a really hard time getting into the beginning. I was having a hard time following it.. maybe that was because I couldn't get it into and was only reading a chapter at a time and my mind was wondering as I was reading it, but now I can't put it down.

Kevin's been on 12s all week so he's up at 5am and doesn't get home til around 6:30. It def sucks because it makes for a long day and a very short night. What sucks even more is he'll be leaving soon and we haven't really been able to spend any time together. To make the week go by faster I've been throwing myself into all sorts of projects, and it's honestly worked.

Monday morning I woke up extremely refreshed. Rosalie slept all night and I awoke at 7 feeling amazing. I haven't slept like that in a LONG time. She was still sleeping so I got up and started cleaning. I did a nice deep cleaning upstairs. I got most of it done before she got up and finished the rest when she napped. I had all my laundry done and housework done and worked out by lunch time, which never happens. Oh that reminds me, we got a sweet new dryer. I know everyone has heard my constant complaining about our old dryer and how it took a day to dry a load of clothes and by the time it was dry some of it smelled so i'd have to rewash and hang dry. It got to the point where i didn't dry anything of Rosalie's for fear the dryer would do something to it. It was also getting extremely loud. Housing finally came out and gave us a sweet new one that dries really fast and is really quiet. I can now get all my laundry done in one day. AWESOME. That's the way it should be! I spent the rest of the afternoon working on getting the old laptop ready so kevin can take it because we don't want to chance something happening to our MacBook. I got it before I started college so it's over 5 years old. I worked on it for about 5-6 hours. All I have left to do is make sure the skype works okay and then he'll be set to go.

Tuesday. Rosalie had to get shots. Yikes. She got 5. Thank god she didn't spike a fever this time; then again, I didn't really give her a chance to. After she got them she was really docile and not herself. She looked like she was drugged. She slept the entire afternoon and as soon as she got up I got medicine in her. After she got her shots we went shopping and she got a new night gown and we got Kevin stuff that he would need for the deployment. That evening Rosalie and I had to go back to the base to pick Kevin up from work. It made for a really long day.

Wednesday. I did a deep clean downstairs.... cleaned cupboards and appliances.. Housing also came to fix our light in our bedroom. We've been without light in our room since before Christmas.

Today I'm working on washing everything.. rugs.. Rosalie's high chair cover.. laundry..

Well, that's about it!. How about some pictures of a Princess! :)

she's such a lil lady
wearing a dress her Grandma got her for Christmas..
and a Miss Khloe bow of course! I've ordered her 10 more this week plus all her frees one from the contest!
Rosalie and her best friend
I stinken love her
Giving Daddy kisses. So SWEET
I have to admit.. that's the Gallaher coming out there.
She looks so much like my bestfriend, my cousin Kate.. it's scary. I hope she doesn't get Kate's attitude :) haha kidding. Lovee you punky


  1. House of night books get better and better. The only thing I got annoyed with, is that she always reintroduces the characters in every book. I guess it's good if you haven't read the series from the beginning. Hope you like it!

  2. I finished the first book already lol. Once i made it like 1/4th of the way through I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to start the 2nd one!