Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rosalie's Gaining and Mama's Losing!

Last night was Kevin's shops Thanksgiving dinner. I was absolutely dreading it but it turned out to be a good time! It was so laid back and everyone just loved Rosalie! She looked absolutely adorable in her Thanksgiving day dress that her Nan bought for her. She was pretty well behaved too. We had some fusses here and there.. but overall her first big outting was a success.

Doesn't she look absolutely precious? lol

Her sleeping patterns have been horrible the past few days.. I was starting to get extremely frustrated and was at my wits end. I was ready for the weekend to roll around so I would have Kevin to help me. She was crashing early, which was nice.. and sleeping til midnight. Then she would get back up at 3am, eat, then wouldn't want to go back to sleep until after 6. Last night it was like we hit a turning point. She slept straight from 11pm to 5am! She ate and passed back out and slept til 8. It was so nice! I got up with her at 5, then Kevin got up with her at 8, so we both got a decent amount of sleep, which I def needed!

Today Rosalie and I are both got weighed.. which I was extremely hesitant about. I can tell that I lost some weight but I'm just so disquisted cause none of my pre-prego clothes are fitting yet. (I know, I know.. I just had a baby... but still..) I didn't think I was really down a lot.. I thought at the most about 10 pounds (since Rosalie was 7lbs 2oz when she was born.).. well I was down 19 lbs!!! I was so excited when I saw the numbers it was just more incentive to keep eating the way I am. I can't wait until I'm up to exercising again. Now Rosalie.. on Monday she weighed 7 lbs 10 oz at the pediatrician... well my little eating machine broke the 8 lbs barrier! She is now up to 8lbs 2 oz! Half a pound in 5 days

That's about all we have for today!

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