Monday, November 16, 2009


Just a quick update. Rosalie got into the pediatrican this morning because we were convinced that her eyes were infected. Over the weekend her right eye just kept seeping and seeping and we woke up this morning around 5am to an unbelievably seepy left eye! Turns out it's not an infection, but rather her tear ducts aren't fully opened yet. There's nothing they can really do for it, but for warm compresses and saline to flush her eyes out. I could just bawl cause I know how miserable she is and there's nothing I can do! The pediatrican said we just have to wait it out and in a few months her ducts should open up. It's going to be a long couple of months! Poor little lady didn't sleep last night and finally now just laid down! (2:30pm). She has to be absolutely exhausted.

After her lil eyes got poked and prodded at, she had to go get another PKU test, which is a test for jaundice. When they did it at the hospital, her test came back a 7, which isn't that bad, but it also says that she wasn't completely jaundice free. Had I of known they were going to redo the test today, I woulda made Kevin go to her appt. I could feel tears in my eyes as the lab tech pricked her foot and kept squeezing blood. Her cries cut me like a stinken knife! There's no way I'll be able to go alone to her 2 month check up when they do her shots.. Kevin's going to have to go!

The doc also put some stuff in her belly button to dry it up because she has had a little bit of discharge since her stump fell out. She said it should competely dry up in a day and I should be able to clean it all up tomorrow night!

On an upper note, Rosalie is still 20 inches long, BUT she has gained ONE WHOLE POUND! After we left the hospital her weight was down to 6lbs 10 oz, but now she is up to 7lbs 10oz! I was super excited to see those numbers because I was pretty concerned with how much weight she lost while in the hospital. When she was born she was 7lbs 2 oz.

That's all for now.. I'm going to try to squeeze in a quick nap before lil miss fussy pants wakes up!

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