Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bye Bye Umbilical cord stump!

Yesterday Rosalie awoke to a missing umbilical cord stump! Needless to say we were pretty excited because we have just been waiting for it to fall off! After disposing of the stump, we headed off to the base to finish the last few steps of her paperwork. We have officially applied for her US birth certificate, social security card, tourist passport, and military passport. She is also enrolled in DEERS, Tricare, and added on with finance.

After doing all her paperwork, we went and got a fake christmas tree and decorations. I'm not real happy with the idea of having a fake tree.. but it's just going to have to suffice while we're in Italy. We did a lil christmas shopping and Kevin got a hair cut. All of the Italians in the barber shop just ranted and raved over lil Miss Rosalie.

We ended up spending about 5 hours on base doing errands and paperwork and Rosalie slept for a majority of it.. until it was time to head home. She woke up screaming because she peed. Man she hates a pee diaper! Doesn't bother her to sit in poop, but that diaper has to come off as soon as pee hits it! When we got home we just could not get that little girl awawke! She'd wake up long enough to eat, poop, or tubby then would go right back to sleep. Needless to say when bedtime actually rolled around, things weren't that easy. She was so fussy, but thankfully Kevin helped out last night. I got up with her at midnight, then he got up with her at 3 and 6.

This morning she has been pretty pleasant (after she threw up all over Kevin!). So hopefully tonight is a better night! That's all I have time for now.. but here are some pics we took yesterday to put in our christmas cards.. I'm still completely undecided which one I'm going to use!

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