Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy 3 Weeks Princess!

It is almost 1am .. and Rosalie doesn't want to go back to bed.. so it looks like here I sit at the computer updating my blog! I have been so busy ordering pics and doing Rosalie's baby book when I have a few minutes here and there that I haven't even thought about updating this!

My little girl is 3 weeks old today! Boy is the time flying by! She is growing so much and changing every day! We're still having issues with the sleeping factor.. whenever Kevin is here to help on the weekends she sleeps like a saint through the night.. but when the week days roll around, there is no such thing as sleepin at night! The past 2 nights have been extremely rough so I'm hopin for a better one tonight.. as of right now things aren't looking promising! She's wide awake at 1am! Everyone keeps telling me to put cereal in her bottle.. but her pediatrician has not given her the go for cereal yet and I'm not about to go behind the docs back. Until then, I just need to have patience.

Well that's all for now.. I know a lil one.. just wanted to throw a few pics up while I had a minute.


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