Thursday, December 23, 2010

christmas time

I know that I have been doing a terrible job updating.. we've just had so much stuff going on and Kevin's home all week so my normal routine is just way off.

Last Saturday we had Kevin's squadron Christmas party. I'll be honest, I did not want to go. I wasn't in the mood to force small talk.. plus we were taking Rosalie. They provided day care but I don't leave my child with strangers. Thank god she was VERY well behaved. She fell asleep before we even ate. The food was delish... which is to be expected.. it was held at an Italian restaurant. The best part of the night... we won a 22 inch flat screen tv! Woot! We also got a gift certificate to an Italian restaurant, but we gave it to one of the guys in Kevin's shop because we knew we'd never use it.. we really don't go out to eat..

Me before the Christmas party :)
Daddy and Rosalie
Our big prize :)
This is seriously my favorite picture.. love these 2
Princess and I

On Sunday we took Rosalie up to Piancavallo to play in the snow.. it's so awesome driving up into the Italian mountains.. it's so beautiful. Rosalie hated the snow though so glad the view was worth the trip :) haha

view going up the mountains.. i love the mountains in the background.. they look photo shopped in
Sun setting on the peaks of the mountains
"what's this crap?"
Getting ready to go back home
Rofl. She looked thrilled to be in her snow suit

We also took Rosalie for her FIRST hair cut. Oh boy.. we were nervous. 1, we thought she was going to be out of control hysterical and 2, Italians were cutting it so I was scared what they would do to her hair.. WELL it turned out ADORABLE. She looks so grown up and she was SOO good. We were in and out in 10 minutes. The guy was awesome with her.. they were sword fighting with their combs lol.. he gave rosalie her own new comb to keep her occupied and it worked. I can't believe how different she looks.

Rosalie before getting her hair cut.. isn't she just precious!
Her hair was so long.. I wanted to wait til her and I went back to the states but she couldn't hold off 2 months.
During the cutting...
Sword fighting with Ciro
After her hair cut! (Pulling her boots off lol) Such a lady now!

We also had our friends over yesterday evening. We grilled and the boys played wii and the lil ladies played together. Those two girls are just the sweetest. We had a good time!

They saw the door open and they both took off haha how cute
Rosalie hiding haha

Rosalie kept putting her foot on Audrey, and Audrey would push it off hahaha clowns
Playing together like biggy girls

Christmas plans.. hmmm.. we don't really have anything. We plan on going to Poffabro with the Williams Christmas Eve to see all the nativities.. it's a town a couple minutes from our house.. but it's done nothing but rain here, so if it's raining that will be out of the question. Last year we went in the rain and it totally sucked. I plan on skyping with my mom and dad so they can open their gifts that we got them.. and Christmas day we'll probably just hang out here after lil miss opens up all her presents and let her play with all her new stuff! I'm kind of disappointed because I guess they are getting storms in the UK and no mail was moving.. so one kevin's and one of Rosalie's presents didn't make it on time.. plus she still has her shopping cart coming from Nana's house... so she'll be getting 2 Christmas presents late.

Well that's all for now.. Ciao!

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