Monday, December 6, 2010

Dear Diet

Dear Diet,
I have failed you TERRIBLY this past month. With the big turkey dinner and all the trimmings.. cookies and cakes... I have just completely blew it with you. I was determined to stick to you because I wanted this last bit of weight off before I went home in the beginning of the new year. I started to get discouraged because after a month of searching for a dog sitter, I was having no luck and told myself that I wouldn't be able to go home. I went down hill and didn't even acknowledge that you existed. Now things have worked out and Rosalie and I WILL be going home.. I'm thinking around mid February. By then, I want to take off 10 lbs. I believe that is completely feasible. So diet, today, we meet again.

As some encouragement.. to prove that I can do these measly 10 lbs..

This was me.. right after I had Rosalie.

This was me.. about 6 months into the diet...

and this was me.. a week ago.. a year into the diet.

When I look in a mirror i don't see a change... but seeing these pics.. I can't believe I have shed 60 lbs from my body. If I did 60, what's another 10?

Alright diet. We can do this.


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