Friday, March 26, 2010

shOts and shOpping.

Yesterday Roey went for her second set of shots. It was soo much worse than the first set. For starters, daddy wasn't there to hold her. I had to do it by myself. ughh my heart broke as i saw the tears coming from her big brown eyes. And like last time, she couldn't hold down the oral vaccination. I told the guy that last time she threw it right back up, but he insisted on shoving it down her lil tiny throat... as soon as it hit her belly it came right back up. She wore the vaccine. I wore the vaccine. The guy administering the vaccine wore it. Even after all that, she came out of the room SMILING. She's so tough.
I felt horrible about her shots.. so to make it up to her I took her shopping afterwards... (shopping always makes me feel better! hahaha) my shopping for her is getting out of control.. the girls in gymboree are going to start recognizing me haahha. She was soo well behaved while we shopped.. as always! We ended the shopping trip by meeting Kristine for lunch.... well I shouldn't say we ended it with lunch... we went through Macy's get out and of course I ended up buyin her a crapload in there.
We got back to Dad's garage and as soon as we pulled in Roey started crying. I took mom's truck and took Roey home.. the next hour and a half was pure hell. She was MISERABLE from the shots.. her teeth were really bugging her.. and on top of that, the oh so wonderful teething tablets that I have been praising up one wall and down another made her constipated. She screamed and screamed and screamed until finally she fell asleep. She woke up chipper from her nap, but it didn't last long. Within an hour the fussiness started again.
I was petrified that she was going to have a terrible night after the terrible day, but she slept like an angel. She woke up soooo happy this morning. **WHEW** I managed to get all my bottles washed and sterilized. (I really accumulated a lot since yesterday because she wouldn't give me the time to wash and sterilize. She just wanted her mommy) I got most of my laundry done.. and Roey bathed and down for a nap before 8am! woahhh i'm so super mom hahaha. Looks like it'll be a good day!

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