Friday, March 26, 2010

New Crib Bedding!

I know I'm a little crazy.. but I ordered Roey new crib bedding. The set she has now we bought from Italian boutique... it's beautiful and we paid out the butt for it... but it just wasn't what I wanted! I wasn't too crazy with the fact that the crib bumper only went half way around (wierd I know.) Originally I started out just tryin to find a plain bumper to go with the the half one I had. It was too hard though tryin to match colors and find something plain.. everything has designs on them anymore (and I'm just so freaken picky and everything has to be perfect.. so it was hard). I started lookin before I came back to the states. I figured if I found something online then I'd go to the store when I got here and check out the color to see how it matched.
When I got back to the states I continued my search. I had no luck. It was then I decided I want something completely new. My mom got Roey a white and pink polk-a-dot rug so I wanted to find something PLAIN white and pink polk-a-dot... Which turned out to be almost impossible to find! Everything was either dark pink or fuschia... or had brown on it. I started to get so discouraged and finally I found EXACTLY what I was looking for!
Isn't it adorable? I found it at babies r us, but it was just a set (bumper, dust ruffle, one sheet, and cover. I didn't want the cover... so I searched for the line and found it at bed, bath, and beyond where you could pick the pieces you wanted. I got the bumper, dust ruffle, set of 2 sheets instead of just one like babies r us, valance, and shipping for the same price as the other set at babies r us! i can't wait to go back to italy and put it on her bed.. it's going to look ADORABLE with her rug!
Now I'm just going to try to sell her other set on the classifieds.. I hope I can get rid of it cause we paid almost 300 euro for it! I'm not asking NEARLY as much.. it's quite a steal actually... but I want to get rid of it and atleast get something back for what we spent!

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