Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy First Easter Princess :)

Today, we took Roey for her first professional pictures! We went to the Hour Glass which I was so excited because for Easter they use live animals. She did really well at first.. but then she started getting bored by the time we moved to the second back drop so it took a lil more effort to get some laughs out of her... Here are a few of my favorite poses :)

She wanted to choke that duck sooo bad hahaha!


  1. Is she sitting up on her own now? What a doll baby!

  2. roey is a precious litte angel, she is beautiful in her pics, love you both alot

  3. Tiff she's almost sitting up on her own.. she sits for a lil while then tips over... there was a girl sitting behind her to make sure she didn't crash into the water and they some how cropped the girl out