Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Friends. Going to Nanas. and Growing Like a Bad Weed. Please slow down baby girl

She's just growing way too fast. Sometimes I like to look back at pictures from when she was first born and I see how little Roey was and it blows me away how much she's grown. I wish she could just stay this small forever. Right now she laughs at everything. It makes me feel so special that all I do is look at her and she starts laughing. I think to myself, I remember how much I fought with my mom growing up.. are Roey and I going to be like that? Is that truly EVERY teenager or was I just out of control? Ahh I know the teenager years are still quite a way aways.. but it's going to come faster than we know it! It'll be Roey's 16th birthday... we'll be cracking into the "roey fund" we started hahaha.. and buying her a car. omg Roey driving. I don't even want to think about it. Then I get a lil nauseous when I think, a TEENAGER - FEMALE - KEVIN. three things that should not be in the same sentence! hahahaha omg. my hands will be full. Okay I need to stop thinkin about this before I depress myself! LOL!

Let's see.. Roey and I are attempting to leave tomorrow to head to Pennsylvania to my parents. I'm so excited.. Okay I won't lie, I'm not excited about leaving MY house, our routine, my husband, my dog, and Italy. We've really been enjoying ourselves here lately.. we've been sightseeing like crazy and we've made some new friends .. so between the 2 we're always doing something. I hate that Roey will be away from her daddy for 2 months.. he's going to be so mopey not being able to see her.. BUTTT on the other hand, I can't WAIT for Roey to meet her family and I know everyone's excited to meet her!

On another note... Roey went to the doctors the other day for her 4 month follow up.. I know it's over a week early, but I wanted to get her in and seen before we left. Doc said she looks great and is growing great! she's now up to 14 lbs 5 oz and is 23 1/2 inches long. Her gross motor skills are amazing! She's always so busy! She's constantly playing with her hands and grabbing EVERYTHING she can get her paws on! The other night she was pulling stuff from Kevin's pocket hahahaha

Roey had her first playdate Saturday night. We had a birthday dinner for Kevin since this will be the 2nd year we won't be together for his birthday (and with his deployment next year we won't be together either!) My friend Meghan brought her lil girl Audrey, who is a few weeks younger than Roey. They were just adorable together.. Roey didn't know what to think and her and Audrey just gave each other the stare down! There was just tooo much cuteness under one roof!

See... aren't they just stinken cute? And look at the daddys.. aweeee.

Well unless we don't get on the plane, this will be my last update from Italy for 3 months. Ahhh Pennsylvania snow, HERE WE COME!

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