Monday, February 1, 2010

i am such a slacker anymore.

There is just so much going on in Italy right now that I don't even know where to begin.

Let's start off with Kevin's deployment. Kevin's going TDY next month so Roey and I are just going to go back to my parents house. We're trying to leave at the end of the month.. I hope we get on the flight! We'll be home for 3 months.. which is exciting because NO ONE has gotten to see her yet except for via pictures, videos, and webcam. I think it's all going to be so overwhelming for her because she's only use to being around Kevin and I. This is the shortest month of the year, but I bet it's going to dragggggg for my mom! hahaha! I'm hoping I can volunteer up at the hospital while I'm home.. it'll give me a chance to have some Mandee time and be with my old friends <3>

So where do I start with everything that needs done before we leave? ughhh it's unbelievably overwhelming. Rosalie's citizenship stuff should all be in this week.. I really hope so cause that's one thing I don't have to worry about while I'm gone and that way it makes filing our taxes that much easier. I also need to pick up our soggorino. I NEED it to come back to Italy and we're still waiting on it.. HOPEFULLY it's here this week. I'm really crossing my fingers. That way I can be at ease the rest of the month. To travel on the military plane I need a command sponsorship letter.. I filled out the paper and am just waiting on that to come back so I can sign up for the plane. Hopefully the commander has it signed by tomorrow morning so I can go sign up for the plane tomorrow afternoon. The sooner the better. That way our chances of getting on are greater.

Rosalie and I have appts out the wazoo too before we leave.. we have atleast 1 appt a week.. I need to go to Buddy's vet and get a script for his allergy pills and go to the farmacia.. that way I know his sitter while we're gone has plenty. That was another thing.. I had to find a sitter for Bubs.. I found a vet tech.. I hope he is good for her.. ahhh it's so hard leaving him for that long. My baby will miss me :(

On top of everything I have to do.. I have 2 trips planned for this month (I know I'm crazy right)... I'm making Kevin take me to Verona this weekend.. I've been wanting to go since before Roey was born.. but everytime we made plans to go something came up. Then next weekend is Carnivale in Venice! I'm sooo pumped for it! And besides.. we haven't been down to Venice since my birthday last year so I think we're due for a trip!

I started making a list of everything I will need to take to my parents house.. but how do you pack for a newborn for 3 months? I have no clue how big she'll be 2 months from now. I'm sure I'm going to over pack on clothes.. ahhhhhh. more stress.

Well I've managed to stress myself out even more just sittin here and writing everything that needs done.. hopefully I can get another update in before I leave.. guess we'll just have to see!!!!!!!

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