Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rosalie Maggie... TWO years old!

I can't believe it's been over two years since we were blessed with this sweet little girl! I thank God every day that we have her in our lives! I love watching her learn and grow every day!

Weight.. Rosalie's weight fluctuates between 27-30lbs. She eats about every 3 days! LOL! No.. I'm being serious.. one day her stomach will be a bottomless pit, then she'll just pick at food the next couple of days. On a normal day she's about 29 lbs.
Height.. We measured her at 35".. but we'll see what they say when she goes to the pediatrician!
Diaper Size.. 5. We're working on the potty training so hopefully we put an end to the diapers SOON. Preferably before we move!
Clothing size.. 2T-3T. How sad! lol I buy all of Rosalie's clothes from Gymboree or boutiques and she wears 2T in both of those areas.. I buy her jammies from Carters she wears 2T.. but ANYTHING else she's 3t. She's so darn tall that I can't throw anything of hers in the dryer.. not even her pajamas!

This time last year Rosalie was very much so into toys that played music, lit up, made noise... that's no so much her interest anymore. She LOVES music, but she's really into toys now that she has to use her imagination. I won't lie, it tickles me to see how big her imagination is! She loves baby dolls.. her play kitchen... stuffed animals.. and her new obsession are Potato Heads. She got a Mrs. Potato Head for her birthday and she plays with it all the time.. along with my mom got her 3 Potato Heads, a boy, a dog, and a cat, and she loves them!

Rosalie is also VERY creative. She absolutely LOVES to color and draw. She could color for hours if we let her. She has an absolute melt down if we take her crayons from her. She loves to do puzzles and is getting really good at them! Above all, she LOVES to read. She is such a bookworm. Our house has books in every room.. even the bathroom.. because she always has a book in hand!

Her speech has been a concern for us. Rosalie isn't talking much. Let me retract that. She talks ALL the time. Her mouth never stops, but it's her own language. It's not baby jibber.. it is literally her own language. It has made communication really hard with her. She doesn't want to answer us when we ask her something and it's made teaching her things very hard. She completely understands everything we say, but she won't repeat. Everyone keeps telling us that she'll talk when she's ready. Well I'm ready for this language barrier to break. We were REALLY concerned until one day Kevin pushed her and when she talked the word came out plain as day. He kept trying to get her to eat and she was getting mad and jibbering at him in her own language. He kept pushing and pushing finally she yelled "STOP." It was plain as day and clear. No slur on the S or anything. I know she can talk, but she's just choosing not to. It's very frustrating. We work with her so hard and some days it make me feel like a failure and like I'm doing something wrong.

She does have a tiny collection of vocabulary.. but it is no where near where I'd like her to be:
Mom, Dad, Daddy, Wow, Buddy, Yes, No, Bye, Hi, Yay, What's that, Did it, Dora, Stop, Baby, Me, Mine, Nana, PapPap, and her new favorite word- MONEY.. and I'm having a brain fart because that's all I can think of that she uses daily. If ANYONE has any suggestions on things to try with her I would be willing to try anything! This is the one time that I am asking for parenting advice! lol!

Rosalie has been to 7 countries since she's been born... Germany, Austria, Italy, US, Slovenia, Croatia, and Ireland. She has visited so many big cities that it would be silly for me to sit and list all of them! She's quite the world traveler at the age of 2!

One thing I am VERY proud of is that Rosalie is not a bully! LOL! She is so kind to other kids! It's a relief to know that I can let her go play with other kids and I don't have to worry about her pushing or shoving. She does have issues with sharing, but what kid doesn't! She doesn't get mean about it.. she just wants what everyone else has! *cough* spoiled *cough*

Rosalie is a big DIVA. I LOVEEEE it! haha! She loves to get all dressed up and she especially loves shoes! She always gets excited when she sees what clothes I have laid out for her and you should see her flip when she gets clothes in the mail! She's obsessed with bows and jewelry and it's even more incentive for me to make her even more bows.

We have started potty training but we aren't pushing the issue. She does good some days.. some days not so much! I think when the speech-communication isn't an issue anymore potty training will be a breeze! She loves that her potty chair sings when she goes and she loves being praised. As soon as she starts to pee she gets this huge grin on her face!

That's about all I time to write.. I can't wait to see what the next year holds for us!

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