Friday, October 28, 2011

Oh Where Oh Where Will Our Home Be?

On Friday, Kevin and I had just returned home from the base when my neighbor came over and said that her husband just received a call that emails went out with base assignments. Kevin and I decided not to go until Saturday and check because just because our neighbor received an email didn't necessarily mean we would too since they are different jobs. I started cooking supper and flipped open my email. I replied to an email and when I clicked back to my inbox a new message came in right that second. All I saw were the words "SrA Hollis" "base" and "selection". Kevin was in the kitchen and I screamed and he came running in. I showed him the email and we opened it. Unfortunately, it was just telling him that HAD received an assignment, but it would need to be checked on a gov't computer. We tossed the idea around for a good 20 minutes, and then gave in and decided to go back to the base.

So now you're wondering.... Where will our next home be????

The verdict is.. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA!

We are both really excited with this. It was actually our #4 on our dream sheet. Our #1 and #3 were bases that didn't have a single opening for Kevin's job, but we figured it didn't hurt to put them on there. Our #2 was a base that had an opening for Kevin's job, but not his rank. Birmingham was actually our compromise base. I wanted something on the east side of America and he wanted a guard base. There were 2 guard bases available on Kevin's listing. One was Birmingham and the other was March, California. Kevin wanted to go to March, so we agreed on Birmingham since it was on the east side of America and was a guard base! We have to be there by no later than April 15, 2012. We're going to take leave in between our 2 bases so we'll be back to the states in March!


  1. Aw, congrats! I am happy for your family:) Y'all will finally be in America!

  2. ha as soon as we saw that email we RAN to the base to check! The housing in AL is beautiful, have fun!

  3. Thanks ladies! We're pretty excited and have heard nothing but awesome things about this base! There are only NINE people in my husband's shop.. here there are about 80. lol. It's going to be quite the change. Of course there's no BX, commissary, housing, gym, nothing since it's a guard base.. but we started house hunting and have found so many that we like already but it's too early for us to get set on something we like!