Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sesame Street Live

I have so many different things to catch up on.. I'm really trying! I've posted more this week than I did all last month! lol! Kevin's been working ridiculous hours lately and Rosalie and I hardly ever see him. They were suppose to be on 12 hour shifts all last week and it kind of bummed me out because Sesame Street Live was coming to the base and we wouldn't be able to make any of the shows. If Kevin would work a normal shift, we would be able to catch the last one on Thursday. Kevin came home Wednesday night and announced that he would be working until 4 on Thursday instead of 6!

We got up early so we could take Kevin to work. We left for the base around 2 because i had a PILE of errands to run. After I got all of my errands done I went across town to another part of the base and picked up Subway for dinner and then went back to Kevin's shop. Kevin changed at work, we ate, and then headed to the show!

We made the mistake and got there 20 minutes early. That was 20 minutes of trying to keep Rosalie sitting in one spot. Not exactly easy. lol.

When the show started her face LIT up like a Christmas tree when she saw Elmo. For the first half she kind of just sat there and watched, mesmerized. Finally she got up and started dancing and having a good ole time!

I'm so grateful for the things the USO does for military families!

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