Thursday, April 7, 2011

Germs, Bows, and a Gallon of Water

I'm happy to say my bow business is taking off! Within a few days of putting up my facebook page and etsy store I started getting orders. On top of the orders that I got, I have a local baby clothing boutique that is interested in purchasing bows from me and resaling them in her store! PLUS next weekend I'll be attending a local craft fair. I'm trying to get as many bows made up as I can for the fair, and keep up with my facebook page and etsy store. Busy doesn't even begin to describe my days lately. A sneak peak of Roey's bows for when she goes to see the Easter bunny. :) And yes, she has 2 different sets for when we go to get her Easter pics done.. which is SUPPOSE to be tomorrow.. but we'll touch base with that in a minute. Anyways.. my cutie-pa-tooty. Boy she's growing so fast.

Last weekend Jacob was extremely sick with the stomach virus. We tried to stay away as much as possible.. Rosalie and I did a lot of shopping and were out running just to stay out of the house. Well sure enough, come Tuesday, she had it. All night Tuesday Rosalie threw up. She was up most of the night and then was up at 5:30 for the day. Wednesday, she was so miserable. She didn't throw up at all during the day, but was extremely lethargic and wouldn't eat. She napped constantly throughout the day and wanted someone to hold her when she wasn't napping. I thought maybe it was passing since she went like 12 hours without throwing up. Come that evening, the throwing up started again. She zonked out by 7:30, which is not like her. She was then up the entire night. When she got up this morning for the day, the throwing up started again. She managed to hold down some cheerios (which is the ONLY thing she can hold down), got a bath, snuggled with mommy, and then went back to sleep. We were planning on going to see the Easter bunny today and do some summer clothes shopping, but that will be held off for another day. I ended up just putting in an order at If she's still sick tomorrow morning I'll have to call and cancel her appointment to get her Easter pics done.

Friday will mark 1 month since I started back on my diet.. but I got on the scales today because I was curious. I'm down a total of 8.5 lbs! That is...

YUP. One gallon of water. It's crazy to think I shed that from my body. I'm starting to see a difference in my body and the way my clothes are fitting. About 7 more lbs and I'll be back at my pre-pregnancy weight. WOOO. I'd love to have that 7 lbs off before Kevin comes home so that's my incentive!

Well that's about all I have time for now.. be sure to check out Ladybug Creations on facebook and visit my etsy store! I'm hoping to get tons more added today.. I have so much more on my facebook than my store, but I'm working on it!



  1. Great job on the weight loss!!! I am so sorry to hear your baby girl is sick. I hope she feels better soon:-( I know the feeling and don't like seeing my kids get sick. Even if we are not sick ourselves, we feel miserable because they are:( She is precious! COngrats on your store kickin' off! I love the bows they are too cute:) Have a great day!

  2. Thanks Becca! She's back to her good ole self.. bt of course now I have it!