Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter Pics Debut :)

If you're expecting Easter bunny pics... sorry, you're outta luck. Rosalie SCREAMED her head off for the Easter bunny and clung to me for dear life and wouldn't even sit on his lap. I don't blame her; the Logan Valley Mall Easter bunny is kind of a freak.

Anyways.. Rosalie has lost entirely too much weight. Over a month ago, I bought her an Easter dress and her tutu outfit. My mom also got her 2 Easter dresses. I ended up liking one of the dresses my mom got better so Roey's pics we're going to be done in the tutu and that dress and the other dress my mom got was going to be for the Easter bunny. Since we got here, Rosalie has lost weight just because she's finally starting to thin out.. then with her being sick last week she lost even more weight. The morning of her pics I put on her picture dress and sure enough, it was too big. I tried on the other dress I got her that I wasn't going to use for pics, and sure enough it was too big too. So Roey ended up wearing her tutu and her Easter bunny dress, which didn't really matter since she refused the Easter bunny.

Well here they are.. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!

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