Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I must be disoriented.. I could have swore it was almost April.......

It's snowing. Yes, my folks back in Aviano, it is snowing here in the good ole butt crack of America.. Pennsylvania. I know that I have completely neglected my blog lately, but I have been super busy. I now have my own shop up and running on Etsy selling bows, as you may have figured out if you read my previous post. After dropping a fortune into bows, I decided to give it a whirl and make Rosalie's bows myself. Turns out, I absolutely love doing it and I'm not too shabby. After multiple people telling me I needed to start selling them, I spent 2 days getting my shop up and running. I'm pretty excited about it! Right now I have more pics listed on my facebook than the Etsy store, but more will be listed soon. So let's see.. other than the excited world of bows.. what else has been going on here... Rosalie and I are sick yet again. This weather is absolutely bizarre. One day it's really nice and we're playing outside, the next it's down in the teens. We're down to just the runny noses now, but it's starting to get old. I'm so sick of being sick. It seems like since we've been home all we have done is fight sickness. Speaking of sickness, my sweet nephew Cameron has been in the hospital for a few days now and they aren't sure what's wrong with him. My brother just called and informed my mom that his other little boy Colton was being admitted now too. I'm asking everyone to say a prayer for my lil angels and hope they get better soon. It's crazy how much Rosalie has changed since we've arrived in PA. Her language is picking up and now she is even speaking Mandarin Chinese. She absolutely loves the show Ni Hao Ki-Lan is learning a lot from it! She doesn't say Thank You in English, but she does say Thank You in Chinese. She's getting so tall and is thinning out. She was up to 27 lbs when we arrived here, now she's down to 25.5. She's not the only one losing weight... I am now down 7.5 lbs! I haven't weighed myself since last Friday so that was my last weeks weightloss. 7.5 lbs in 2 weeks isn't too bad! All of Rosalie's Easter attired has arrived, so as soon as the Hour Glass gets their animals in for Easter, I will be taking her over for pics so stay tuned! Well that's about all for now.. CIAO!

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