Friday, March 4, 2011

Quite the blog slacker I have been.

So we've been in the states officially for 1 month and are finally starting to enjoy our visit. Rosalie had to make another trip to the pediatrican office last week to get her ear checked out because she wasn't gettin any better. Sure enough it was still infected. They put her on a new antibiotic and changed her diet. She seems to be doing much better so we've been getting out and visiting and shopping. Yesterday we had a VERY chill day of lounging. Wednesday, we went to Altoona with Miss Kate and went shopping. Oh I love her. I never thought I could be so close to one of my cousins the way I am with Kate. I think in another life we were sisters. lol. Anyways, we went to Altoona because I was determined to get a new Vera Bradley diaper bag since they put a new Vera store in and I needed new sunglasses because mine got broke on the plane. Well, I struck out on both. I found a print in Vera that I liked, but couldn't find a bag in that print. So I waited til I got home and ordered the bag and wallet that I wanted. There are suppose to be here tomorrow. WOOT. I had to get our rings cleaned and inspected too while we were there. Rosalie came home with a new strawberry purse and a tutu and shirt from gymboree and a big thing of play food. It was nice to get out with my best friend and Rosalie was so well behaved.

Tomorrow, my Dad is having his annual mine safety training class here. It runs all day and my mom always feeds them lunch. I volunteered to make them cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I'll have to do about 3 batches to make enough to feed everyone (there will be roughly 30 people here) so as soon as I'm done writing, I have to start on them. I make everything from scratch so I'm looking at roughly hours.

That's about all that's been going on here. Today is my wonderful husband's birthday and this is our 3rd year in a row that we have been separated for his brithday. This year deployment; last year TDY; and the year before he left for Italy.

Here's some pics of my lil hambone :)


  1. That is cool that your dad does a mine safety class, my dad runs a safety program for electrical engineers at Intel and he's rather serious about it. :)

    Glad your enjoying the states.

  2. He doesn't actually teach the class.. he hosts it here for all his employees and they bring some other guy to teach it. It was fun baking for it though :) lol