Thursday, February 24, 2011

pettiskirt love

Growing up, I always wore the best clothes and had the best accessories. When I had Rosalie, I gave up having the best of everything and splurging on clothes, shoes, and purses so that she could have the best of everything. Besides, it's more fun dressing her up than me :) haha.. if you know me, then you know most of Rosalie's wardrobe comes from Gymboree and she has tons of frilly tutus and bows and she is always dolled up the way a little girl should be!


I just had to share this pettiskirt outfit I ordered for her. The woman that made he birthday tutu outfit is making it. The only difference in hers is that it'll have an R instead of a number. Of course as soon as I ordered it I had to contact my bow lady and have her make matching pigtail bows :)

Isn't it stinken cute? Little girls are so much fun!


  1. that is too cute, I gave up on the tutu's when it was $90 dollars a pop for just tutu.