Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Running on E.

I know I'm long overdue.. and yes we have made it back to Italia safe and sound (only a week late right? hahaha).. let's recap this nightmare of a week.. (okay so maybe i'm being a drama queen lol)

let's start back at..

We left on Monday. It's like a 3 1/2 hour drive to BWI (with my dad's driving atleast.) Of course we left late, as always, and my dad flew like a mad man, like always. We ended up making to BWI in less than 3 hours. We checked in while mom fed Roey. Within an hour they started calling people. We were the 2nd people called. Last time I was the 2nd to last person called. Gettin called right away like that is such a relief! We said goodbyes and headed to security, which was a nightmare it's self. They wouldn't take our carseat to the plane for us, we had to take it to the gate. Stupid. Kevin had Roey and the carseat. I had the diaper bag, my carry on, and Kevin's carry on. We arrived at our gate and got Roey ready for bed. Boarded within a half an hour, and Roey was asleep as soon as we got on the plane.
Then the nightmare started.

Kids were screaming EVERYWHERE. It was unbelievably hot. They held us there for awhile. Needless to say, as we were gettin ready to take off, Ro woke up SCREAMING. There was really nothing I could do but let her cry it out. As always when she gets worked up, she puked everywhere. As soon as the seatbelt sign came off, she was out of her seat, in fresh clothes, and her dad took her so I could get the carseat cleaned. After that she went to sleep and slept the entire flight to Germany!

We arrived in Germany around 9am local time Tuesday. We had to get off the plane, reclaim our stuff, go through customs, head back through security and back onto the plane. As soon as we reboarded, Ro went right back to sleep and slept til we got to Italy! Such a relief!

When we got to Italy Kevin took our friends car back to Maniago for them since they left it on base because they flew out the week before. He stopped and claimed our mail and I took Roey home to get her bathed and settled.

We arrived home to find our breaker kicked and everything in the fridge was melted or nasttyy smelling. What a way to come home.. So we had to go grocerry shopping that night because we had absolutely nothing in our house!

The next three days consisted of unpacking everything, ironing, putting away, and washing. On top of that I had to clean out Roey's closet and dresser. I put her new crib bedding in which is super cute; hung her new curtains which I didn't order enough valances so for now it looks kind of stupid.. so I'll have to wait for the extra one to come.. and Kevin hung picture frames in her room that I got to match everything.

We rearranged our livingroom so Ro has tons more room to play and got her a carpet for the back half of the livingroom. We hung a bunch of stuff in the livingroom I got while in the states, but didn't get everything hung because the stuff I ordered from Walmart came smashed so I'm waiting on the replacements.

Kevin hung pics in our kitchen... which look really nice might I add!

Kevin got the grass cut and the trimming done.. and we started pulling the weeds out of the front of our driveway.. which is seriously a nightmare. Got the jeep washed and cleaned out.

My house is finally cleaned and back to normal.. i seriously thought this day would never come!.

Today is Kevin's first day back to work.. we're going to miss him, but it'll be nice to be just me and ro again! :)

That's all that I really have time for now.. enjoy the few extra pictures I added of Princess.. isn't she getting so big?!!?! Ciao!

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