Sunday, May 16, 2010

looks like we'll be babyproofing...

Tomorrow Kevin and I head back for Italia. I'm excited to get back to my house and our routines.. and decorate with everything i've been buyin in the states. I'm slowly tryin to do our livingroom in country barn stars. I've bought a good bit of stuff while here from a country store called Woods that is only 10 minutes from my house. I got a bunch of new stuff to hang in my kitchen.. new decor and bedding for ro's room.. so on top of the massive cleaning and ironing i'll have to do when I get back, I'll have some decorating on my hands! It's going to suck saying goodbye because I know how much everyone has enjoyed having Roey here.

Last Thursday Kevin's brothers came out to our house.. they came in from Delaware and Arkansas.. while they were here, Roey started crawling! She has 2 methods of crawling. 1: She gets up on her knees and leaps. 2: she pushes her chest up off the ground, pushes with one leg and drags the other. It's rather funny but she can get where she wants to go in a hurry!

On top of crawling, Ro got another tooth in! THANK GOD! Last week was a TERRIBLE nightmare. She has been superrrrr sick. Everyone around here is sick. Well she got me miserably sick so Kevin was left to do a lot of 2 days because we didn't want my germs around her bottles and such. Luckily he was here. She was so congested and her tooth was really bothering her.. lets just say we had 2 straight days of screaming before that tooth broke through!

Well that's all I have time for.. no time to even post pics! We're getting ready to head out the door to have one last big dinner with everyone.

Next post will come from Italia. CIAO

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