Thursday, September 29, 2011

Failed Blogger

I have been such a letdown with blogger lately. ha! I swear, I do have my reasons.

First and foremost, Kevin has switched shifts. He is now on swing shift, which is the military's version of second shift. When I found out that Kevin was going on swings I was not happy at all. When we first arrived to Aviano, Kevin was shuffled around shifts so we got to experience all of them. Right before Rosalie was born he was switched from nights to days and he's been on days ever since. For 2 years now we've been in a routine and BAM just like that, it changed. I don't do well with change. We all saw what PCSing to Aviano did to me! ha! They kind of prepared us two months out for the shift change. Finally I sat down and actually thought of what it would be like when Kevin went on swings and stopped looking at the negative of it being a change. It turns out that we LOVE this shift! Kevin gets to spend way more time with Rosalie. When he was on days he wouldn't get home until about five. We would eat dinner, Rosalie would get her bath, and by 7:30 she would be in bed. He only got 2 1/2 hours with her. With him being on swings, he's usually up by 7:30/8 and he doesn't have to leave until 2 in the afternoon, so he gets a good 6 hours with her. We've been taking advantage of the family time. We've been walking every morning and we can actually go do things as a family in the morning before Kevin has to go to work. I have decreased my internet time with Kevin going onto this shift. After he leaves, Rosalie and I usually do stuff together until it's time for her to eat dinner. After dinner she baths and then we watch cartoons and read. She still goes to bed at 7:30, but after she goes to bed I have all my daytime chores to do.. clean.. laundry.. bows. If I don't have anything that needs done, I usually read.

Reason number 2 for no blogging... I HAVE NO CAMERA! :( When we went to Tuscany the flash on my camera stopped working. I contacted Nikon and they wanted me to send it in to be serviced. They have had it since the middle of August. I was kind of irritated because it was only a few months old and I have taken excellent care of it. They said they wouldn't honor the warranty and I had to pay $100 to have it fixed. It was supposively shipped from Nikon last week and I haven't seen it yet. I'm get extremely antsy with Halloween and Rosalie's birthday coming up. Not to mention I have been crazy making bows for Rosalie and for my shop and I have no means to take pictures of them to put them on my site. I'm going to be bombarded with bow pictures when my camera finally arrives. Speaking of bows, things have really slowed down lately. With the closing of my online store and not having my camera to upload new pics, I haven't had as many orders and I really don't mind. For awhile I was so overwhelmed with orders and I wanted to make bows for Rosalie's fall clothes and I just didn't have the time. In the past month Rosalie has probably gotten about 20+ bows so I think she's set for the winter months.

Not much has been happening here. My, Mom, Dad, and Jacob are coming over for Rosalie's birthday! We're so excited that she'll get to spend her birthday with my family. I know my Mom was disappointed that she missed out on Rosalie's birthday last year. They are coming the week before Halloween and we're going to celebrate Roey's birthday early. We're not having a party this year because we spent entirely too much money last year and she'll never remember and she's not old enough to even know. I'm going to make her cake because I paid a fortune for her cake last year and was very disappointed in it. I bought a crown shaped cake pan and have been doing trial runs. I'm not to shabby! We're going to rent a bouncy castle for her and Jake and do presents and cake a few days before my parents leave. We don't really have much planned for when they come. We're going to go Festa Della Zucca (The Pumpkin Festival in Venzone). They arranged their trip around the festival because that was something my mom really wanted to do. We're just going to stay local and do things in the area. We're spent on traveling and my Dad keeps saying that he isn't coming to see Italy, he's coming to see us. lol.

Today is the Bella Befana Bazaar on base. I'm excited! I've been telling Kevin since we got here that when I leave Italy I will have an Italian made wine rack. Every bazaar we don't go until the 2nd day and by then they are always all gone. I'm making sure I'm there at 12 when they open up today so I can get a rack.

I can't believe that in 1 month Rosalie will be 2. Boy the time is flying. I have her pictures schedule, with PumpkinCharm Photography again! She's also going to get Halloween pictures done since her birthday and Halloween fall on the same week. I have 2 birthday outfits ready for her.. bows are made.. and I just ordered shoes this morning. She's outgrowing EVERYTHING. She's going to be a 50s girl for Halloween. Her poodle skirt and shirt have been here for weeks now and the bows are made. I ordered her these cute bobby socks with poodles on them and ordered her some plain white sneakers this morning. I really wanted to get her saddle shoes but no place has them small enough for her. :(

Well that's about all I have.. a little lady is getting impatient and wants to go get her bath!


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