Thursday, April 22, 2010

my lil clown baby

Roey has become quite the goofball lately.. and might I add, VERY VERY mobile! She's going to be crawling in no time! She is rolling all over the place. She's been able to roll since she was like three months old.. but she never had an desire to do it... just like her dad, STUBBORN. Now she realized she can get places by rolling so she's alllll over the livingroom! You really have to watch her now cause she's all over the place and getting into everything! She wants to crawl so bad.. she gets up on those little knees and tries so hard to pull herself, but just gets frustrated because she can't go anywhere.
Still no teeth. She wants a tooth like it's no one's business. We've had some pretty rough screaming evenings. She does pretty good once she gets to sleep.. some nights she stirs around a lot and you can tell they are bothering because she doesn't get a good nights sleep.. but mostly it starts at like 6pm and she's a nightmare til she goes to bed! Hopefully once one comes through the rest follow pretty quickly!
Roey got a bunch of new outfits too from gymboree.. I was soo excited when they came. I have another order on it's way too... This is all stuff for like mid summer to the end of the summer. Here's just some of them.

Here's just some randoms from our time here in PA
(bowling for jacob's 6th birthday... chilling at mommoms.. easter egg hunt...hanging out at the dock.. easter dinner)

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