Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i know you're shining down on her

The past two weeks have been pretty rough.. sleepless nights and a crying baby.. roey wants a tooth so bad, it just hasn't happened yet. Sometimes she chews on her hand so hard she ends up gagging herself and projectiling everywhere. I finally reached the point of breaking and just wanted to start crying. I would get nothing done because she always wanted attention. My laundry was piling up because some days she was puking so much that her and I were changing outfits 4-5-6 times a day. Some days are great, some okay, others nightmares.
I've started her on solids too... she's been getting cereal for about 2 weeks now. Oatmeal, not rice.. she really didn't care for the rice. She's been getting it from a spoon, not this cereal in a bottle crap that people do. She needed to learn how to use a spoon. It kind of worked to my benefit because when I started her on solids, it was pretty easy. First she got bananas.. and loved them. Next came applesauce, she loved it too. Today she got peaches and at first I thought she hated cause she kept making this horrid face, then pushing it back out; but she was just learning the taste. Once she got use to the new taste, she woofed it down! The only problem I'm having with her on solids is she is gorging herself to the point of vomitting. When eating her bottle, if she gets full she pushes it out of her mouth or lets the formula run out. With the solids she likes the taste so much she doesn't know when to stop! I'm trying to figure out when enough is enough, but it's hard when I've been use to her telling me when she was done!
Moving on...
Today marks one year since Sheetz left us. I still can't believe he's gone. I wait for him to come barging through the door.. but it never happens. I wish he could have met Roey.. he woulda absolutely adored her.. I know he would of got that big deep chuckle when he would hear her sweet little giggle. He was such a big part of my life and I wish he could have been in hers too. I know he's looking down on her.. her own personal angel. I can't dwell on the subject anymore.. I can feel my throat getting tight and eyes tearing up thinking about him. When will this feeling go away?
Anyways.. just a short one.. heading to bed since Roey's out!
Less than 2 weeks til Kevin's here with us.. I can't wait... I'm sure he's missin his lil Roey bug.

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