Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rosalie Meets HoHo for the First Time

Thursday night was the tree lighting ceremony on base. Since it just isn't feeling like Christmas over here in Italy, I decided that maybe going to the Christmas festivities just might put me in the holiday spirit. We got there 10 minutes early so we decided to head in the BX to stay warm.. where we saw people were waiting in line to see Santa. I was really hoping they'd be doing Santa pictures, so I dressed Peanut in a cute Christmas dress. We decided to skip the tree lighting ceremony then and wait in line for Santa because he was suppose to come in after the ceremony and we figured by then the BX would be a zoo! Sooo glad we did cause it FILLED up! We were probably like the 10th family in line.. when we were like 5 people from Santa we decided to get Rosalie outta her carseat and get her awake for Santa.. everyone just went crazy over her.. what can I say.. I have a beautiful little girl! :) She did excellent sitting on Santa's lap.. although she looks like she doesn't want any part of it, her picture still turned out cute!

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