Monday, December 28, 2009

A Christmas Update

I know I've really been slacking on updating... but Kevin has been home the past week and things have just been hectic! We had a pretty nice Christmas.. apart from a cranky lil girl, rain instead of snow, and being away from our family for the first Christmas. Christmas Eve we went to Poffabro, a town just about 5 miles north of Maniago, to see all the Christmas nativities. It was very nice.. besides all the rain.

Christmas Day Rosalie was such a crank! We tried to make her a part of opening gifts, but she just wanted to sleep.. so while we opened her gifts, she was passed out in her swing. The rest of the day she was such a grouch and was just so fussy! I don't know what her beef was! I think it had something to do with the lack of sleep she got Christmas Eve. We went to our friends house Christmas evening for dinner and it was a good time.. other than Rosalie being a crab again! We eventually had to leave because she would not stop fussing! When we got home, she laid in her swing, looked at the Christmas tree, and passed out within in a few minutes. Apparently she just wanted to come home!

The day after Christmas she was a completely different child! So happy and so pleasant! THANK GOD!

So we're in the process of switching Rosalie from cows milk based formula to soy... she just couldn't handle the cows milk. It was so hard on her stomach. She was so gassy and in so much pain. She would just scream constantly from gas pains. She would be so in so much pain until she would have a bowel movement. We have seen such a difference since we started the switch! She is so much more pleasant and she has such an easier time passing gas! At first she had a hard time switching.. the switch bound her up bigtime. I felt so bad for her.. but it has finally passed! Now she is just as happy as can be!!!

Well that's all I have time for now...


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