Saturday, August 24, 2013

Before and After!

Bit by bit we are making our house more our home! We still have about 100 things on our to do list, but everything was put on halt when we had to replaced our central air.. eeep. I wanted to share all of the things we have done so far! :)

Our biggest project yet...
Kitchen... BEFORE!

The Kitchen.. AFTER!

So much has been done, but all that is left is to replace the fridge! The rest of the appliances have been replaced. The floor has new tile. New countertops. The old vinyl backsplash was ripped out and tiled with stone and accent pieces. Quarter round trim was added to the base trim to give it more of a dimensional look. The cabinets have been moved up a FOOT to give us more space. They have also been refinished and new hardware added. The old trim at the top of the cabinets has been removed and crown has been added! I am so in love with my kitchen!

Next was one of our other big projects.. Roey's playroom. I don't have complete shots since everything has been finished, so I will have to update even more later.

Playroom AFTER!

Since Rosalie's playroom is actually the master bedroom of the house, she also has a walk in closet.


Kevin's Mancave. We started it.. but it's not anywhere close to being finished!
Before... this was literally the morning we moved in..
In Progress...
The Mancave bathroom before..
And After!
Rosalie's Closet.. The shelves that were in there when we moved in were nice... but it was hard to hang her clothes in front.. everything was mostly behind the doors.
We did the same thing to our closet.. except the walls are painted dark brown and the organizers are all solid brown!
We have temporarily flipped the downstairs bathroom. We eventually want to replace EVERYTHING.. but to make it a bit prettier until then..
The last project.. our pool. Sigh, as much as we LOVED our pool, the deck was in bad shape.. and the pool itself was rusted at the bottom. Even with a brand new liner, the rust  spots were rubbing it putting in little holes, causing water to leak. We constantly had to add water and the walls felt weak, so we felt it was best to take it down. I'm sure in a few years we will get another.. but not nearly as big since there are just the three of us!
We used the level ground and covered it with rubber mulch and made a play area! We moved the trampoline where the deck was because it had completely killed the grass where it was before. On another note, that dead grass area is now all pretty :)

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