Thursday, May 31, 2012

Playroom Makeover

Anyone that knows me, knows that I'm a psychopath, OCD, organizer. In my mind, there is no such thing as being too organized.

When we moved into our house, I could NOT wait to tear into the playroom and start organizing and make it all cute and fun.

We lived in our house for almost a month before I decided what I wanted to decorate the playroom in. It hit me one morning... by lunch time, Rosalie and I were at Target. The next morning, Kevin and I were at Lowes buying paint lol.

I started off by figuring out how I could organize her toys and make it that everything could be easily accessed. After a trip to Target.. I pretty much had a grip on how I wanted all the toys organized.

This was pre-designing the toyroom. I kept the 9 cube organizer how it is. All of the empty slots have books in them. The bins have little stuffed animals and what not in them. The top bags have blocks in one and play food in another. (I ordered them from thirty-one). The kitchen stayed where it was, but I organized the cart beside it. It now has a bin of play food and bin of all her utensils, and then some electronic toys on the bottom.

Next, I bought a cute bench organizer at Target. Instead of putting a cushion on it, I decided to use it as a place to put all of Rosalie's weeble stuff on top of it. It's at a perfect level for her to play. The owl bin has all her weebles and weeble cars in.

I also scored an adorable mini bin organizer. It was exactly what I needed! (Although I was super disgusted in the colors they had). Rosalie is big into little things. I hate that she skipped the toddler toy age. She likes to play with bigger kid stuff.. she loves the mini lalaloopsies and littlest pet shop. Before you judge me, she's very good with them. She doesn't stick them in her mouth or anything.. We started by buying her a pack of Littlest Pet Shops because she carried this little puppy around from her dollhouse and she fell in love. She totes them everywhere. Now every time we're out, she gets a new one and my mom is constantly buying them for her. So this mini organizer was exactly what we needed. One bin has potato head pieces, one has littlest pet shop, another has cars, and another has lalaloopsy pieces.

Next was the closet. I organized all her coloring stuff on one shelf and of course I made it a high shelf that she can't reach. I moved some baby toys up that she no longer plays with and board games that she can't get into. I got a crate for all her balls and a hook on shelf for all her puzzles. I got a huge circle bin from Target to put all her stuffed animals in.  

Next I painted and started decorating. We decided to go with a soft neutral color. Rosalie's bedroom is extremely pink and girly, so we wanted her playroom to be something fun. When I first painted the green, I hated it. It looked soo bright. After it dried, I loved it!

Then went up the wall decals!

After the wall decals.. I FINALLY got the curtains up!

I didn't get a picture of it, but to the right corner that isn't pictured, I have a huge utility stand. You can get them at Home Depot or Lowes and I even believe Target has them. I got 2 big fabric bins from my mom (that she had bought at Target). One has baby dolls, one has stuffed animals. I also got 2 more little fabric bins. I put baby dolls in one and her big lalaloopsies in the other. I'll have to get a picture because it looks great and she loves it! The bins have handles so she can pull them right off the shelf and get what she wants. 

I hope this may have inspired you to get more organized or help with organizing a toy room!

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  1. Pretty room:-) Doesn't it feel good to shop at Target and get neat things? hehe.. God bless your cute little girl!