Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bama Bound!

Blogging has been the least of my concerns lately! The past month we have been prepping for our move. Moving is stressful. Moving from one country to another.. even more stressful.

We are on the homestretch! 28 days until we board a plane and make our final journey across the pond and to America. Well, Kevin may make the journey again in his AF career, but it's safe to say that as a family, this will be our last big move to another country.

With that being said, the movers came on Monday and 99.2% of our belongings are in crates, in a warehouse in San Quirino, getting ready to head across the pond. Actually, they may even be heading out today. The guy said it would be around Thurs or Fri they would head out to the boat!

How are we living you ask? Well, luckily, the AF is generous enough to give us loaner furniture.. a couch, a "bed", a coffee table, a dining set, and a nightstand. I say "bed" because it's a frame with the world's worst mattress. We knew this from our move here so we decided to buy an air mattress to put on top of the mattress they provided. $50 well spent. We kept out our small bedroom tv, our apple tv, Rosalie's high chair, a handful of kitchen stuff to get us by, a trunk of toys, our bedding and some bath towels. (this stuff will all go by air 3 days before we leave) We're currently living out of suitcases. It's not so bad. It's kind of like luxury camping! ha! Rosalie still has her toddler bed because we actually sold it (but are keeping it until we leave). She has a big kid bed waiting for her at her Nana's house!

The next time I blog... probably won't be for awhile!

Until then!...

Keeping busy while the movers were here
Nailing up the crates!
It's moving day!!!

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  1. I remember those days like it was! yesterday! Best of luck on the flight and the rest of the move! I am so glad you have so much time to prepare for this. We literarily found out 3 months before out move and during that time we had to still deliver a baby it just happened to be where we fell in our cycle. Good luck on the plane rides!